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The Professional Services of Alfredo LDC

Alfredo LDC is one of the largest and most successful landscape companies in the New York area and has been offering customers the hands-on attention of a family business for over three generations. 


Alfredo LDC has all the materials and capabilities required for the completion of any landscape project, from luxury home landscaping and masonry to large property maintenance.

Present owner, Tommy Alfredo, joined the business alongside his father 29 years ago. After owning the business for approximately 20 years, the business has developed to over 150 employees and over 70 trucks and 22 machines.
Alfredo LDC approaches your landscape with vision. Committed to environmental integrity, the company can bring out all the natural beauty of your property.

Some Awards & Achievements

  • 1989 New York State Landscape Award - Grand Prize

  • 1990 New York State Regional Honor Award

  • 1990 Walt Disney Landscape Magic Award

  • 1995 New York State Landscape Honorable Mention Award

  • 1995 New York State Landscape Award - State Grand Prize

  • 1995 Westchester County Business Journal - Magazine Spread

  • 1999 New York State Environmental Beautification Award - Grand Prize

  • 2000 Featured Spread in Nursery Lines Magazine

  • 2002 Featured Spread in Turf North Magazine

  • 2002 Featured Spread in Lesco News Magazine

  • 2002 Featured Spread in Martha Stewart Living

  • 2004 New York State Best of Region Award

Exciting Projects

About Us

Tommy Alfredo,
President and Owner

Tom Alfredo holds a degree from Iona College and from the Botanical Gardens. He has been working in the field for over 30 years, beside his father and grandfather. His expertise and experience has led Alfredo LDC to many honorary awards, beautiful properties and landscapes that are truly unique.

Mike Ascenzi,
Maintenance/Horticultural Division

Mike has been with Alfredo LDC for over 30 years, leading this division. He has become one of the leading Turf Grass experts in the New York and Connecticut area and was recognized in Turf Magazine.

Lisa Bladis, Perennial/Horticultural Division

Lisa has been with Alfredo LDC for the past 12 years 

James Helbock,
Landscape/Nursery Divison

James has been with Alfredo LDC for over 30 years. Jim's entire career (over 30 years), has been in the landscape installation industry. His knowledge of plant material and the growing of trees and shrubs have earned him accolades in the field from constituents. His training has led Alfredo LDC to be one of the experts in the Northeast for large tree transplanting; some ranging from 60-70 feet tall.

Lori Sacewicz,
Landscape Design Team

Lori has been with Alfredo LDC for over 20 years. Lori is a graduate of University of West Virginia majoring in Landscape Architecture. She is the interior support person, monitoring and tracking all materials for this division. Her expertise in this industry helps Alfredo LDC to deliver high quality to clients right on schedule.

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